Thursday, November 1, 2007


Want to know how rad FOX SHOX is? This is how rad FOX SHOX is- they bring a sick Honda Crf 150 equipped with Fox’s new Forks and rear shock to my house and say thrash on it. Um… ME FIRST! ME FIRST! They had the suspension all set up for an adult so it was perfect for Chris (Kafka), Bobby LePage, Ben Hayes (FOX SHOX Mad Man) , and myself. Ben gave me the heads up when he was going to come up with the bike a few days in advance so I was getting pretty amped up to ride it. As usual something always goes wrong- 2 days of rain. My tracks were hammered from all the rain. Big water holes every where, greasy slime on the faces of the jumps, not exactly the ideal riding conditions but we didn’t care, we were stoked to get the chance to beat on the little bike. Right away I felt comfortable on the 150, maybe the fact that I’m about as big as the 12 -15 year old kids that the bike is made for had something to do with that. lol. I starting doing some doubles and built up doing a triple by the end of the day. I landed it perfect the first try so then I was all revved up so I get every one to watch me on the next attempt. I tried clicking it up a gear this time cause I was ringing it out the first time I did it so I roll it on and the bike said “I don’t think so”. It bogged and sent me into the lawn dart position, I was sweating bullets cause I thought for sure I was going over the bars but the New Fox Forks soaked it up and I kept on truckin like nothing happened. It was awesome- one avoided face thanks to the Fox Forks. Lol. We all had a pile of fun ripping on the little bike and I just want to thanks Fox Shox and Ben Hayes for making it possible.

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