Sunday, December 20, 2009

Polaris Self Service Videos: Featuring Levi LaVallee

Polaris has officially launched a new video series that concentrates on Rider Tools and Self Service guidance for your Polaris Machine. The videos deliver great tips and information to keep your sled running at peak performance. Check out them out!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Launch of Team LaVallee

Team Owners Levi LaVallee and Glen Kafka are excited to announce the Launch of Team LaVallee. Team LaVallee will consist of 5 time Winter X Games Medalist and defending ISOC Pro Stock Champion Levi LaVallee and Semi Pro rider Chris Kafka. The team will compete in all of the ISOC Nationals and the ESPN Winter X Games. “I can’t wait for this season to start! With the combination of great sponsors, a unbelievable crew and with the alliance of Hentges Racing sharing sled set-ups and technical information, I think we have all the right ingredients to have a successful year,” states LaVallee. LaVallee looked at the team as a way of becoming more involved in the sport that he loves and hopes that it will be a way to keep him involved down the road after he has finished racing.

Team LaVallee’s Crew will stay the same as it has been for the past few years; Crew Chief, Glen Kafka along with mechanics Terry Gilomen and Jeff Leffel. The team will be based out of the Polaris Race Department in Wausau, WI. Some of the sponsors that are supporting Team LaVallee for the 09-10 Race Season are; Polaris, Parts Unlimited, National Guard, Woody's, Pure Polaris and many more.

Team LaVallee is looking forward to this 09/10 Season Opener in Duluth.
For more information, keep your eyes on

Monday, November 23, 2009

2009 Target Holidazzle Parade

It is that time of year, even though we might not have any snow yet, the Spirit of Christmas is all around. And since 1992 the Target Holidazzle Parade has been a tradition to Downtown Minneapolis.

This year Levi was given the opportunity to be Grand Marshal in one of 15 parades. This was truly an honor, and Levi happily accepted his position of Grand Marshal in the Target Holidazzle Parade on Saturday, December 5th, 2009 starting at 6:30.

If you will be in the Minneapolis Area, come and check out the wonderful parade and cheer Levi on. For more information on the parade and buying hot seats to stay warm, click here. Hope to see you all there!!

Duluth National Postponed

A press release went out this morning a little after 9:00 am (Central Time) that the AMSOIL Duluth National has been rescheduled. Traditionally the Duluth National falls on Thanksgiving weekend, but due to unseasonably warm temperatures and little chance of snow before Friday, the 18th annual race at Spirit Mountain has been moved to run the weekend of December 11 – 13.

We hope all of you race fans who were planning on coming to the Duluth Opener Thanksgiving weekend, can come out to the postponed date of Dec. 11-13th. Visit for details.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Levi Loves his Fans!

Lately Levi has been getting more and more fan mail, whether its an email, facebook message, tweet, or even a good-old-fashion hand written note - it doesn't matter how the message is sent, Levi still can't believe how cool is fans are.

Late this fall, Levi had gotten an email from a lady named Trinity, who's son (Briggs)is a hard-core Levi Fan. "Here is a picture of my son Briggs, age 6 and Levi at the 2009 Lake Geneva race. He used this picture for his birthday party invitations, and on his cake. He LOVES Levi and he is his favorite racer. Levi is so nice to the fans-great to have him as my sons role model! Good luck in the 2010 season! Thanks, Trinity" -Rushsylvania, Ohio.

Levi was pumped to hear that he made it onto a Birthday Cake - Who would have guessed that would ever happen? LOL But truthfully, this fan email confirmed why Levi pushes the limits in his sport, and its because of his fans who continue to support him and follow him along the way.

Duluth is right around the corner! Levi and his new Team "Team LaVallee" cannot wait to come out and put on a great show for his fans. See you all in Duluth!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hay Days 2009

The Sno Barons Snowmobile Club Hay Days Grass Drags will take place this weekend, September 12 & 13, 2009. This is a great time where you can come out, meet the riders and see what is happening for the 2009/2010 SnoCross Season.

Be sure to keep your eye out for Levi's own booth at Hay Days this year, he will be signing autographs throughout the weekend and the 09/10 LaVallee Merchandise will be available for purchase. So come and check it out, get some new Levi gear and grab yourself a free autographed Double Back Flip Poster. Levi will also be signing autographs at the Polaris Booth on Saturday from 12:30 and 3:30.

We'll see you there! Click here for more information on Hay Days.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Upcoming Autographs: MN State Fair

Levi will be signing autographs at the Minnesota State Fair! Be sure to stop by and get an autographed poster and picture with Levi!

Where at the fair?
National Guard Booth: On the northwest side of the 4-H Building north of the entrance. W-18 on MN State Fair Map

Thursday-Saturday (Sept. 3rd, 4th, and 5th)

For more information please visit

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Four Wheel Deal

Two weeks ago I participated in the Volkswagen TDI Cup at Road America racetrack in Elkhart Lake, WI. Volkswagen has this incredible series for up and coming drivers where they provide the cars, mechanics, driver coaches, PR coaching, help with sponsors, and a bunch of exposure. Basically they give you all the tools to accelerate your journey to the top. Each race of the series they bring in some Guest Drivers and with a little help from my buddy Doug (a lot of help) I was fortunate enough to be chosen to be one of them. I was originally suppose to get the pins out of my foot a week after the race which would have axed my car racing plan so I talked to my Doc and he agreed to take my pins out a week early. SWEET!! Monster Mike Schultz, my buddy Cade and myself literally left right from the hospital after my surgery and trucked it 8 hours out to Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.

We arrived to open arms from Jessica, Clark, and all the Volkswagen People. Oakley provides all the drivers with head to toe Driving Suites and shoes and I got to Drive the # 10 Red Bull Car. I felt right at home running Oakley gear and a Red Bull Car. I even threw a Polaris Sticker on the side for a little extra luck!

First practice session was insane, people are bombing all over the place and I’m driving around like it was a Sunday cruise. Haha. I was the slowest car out there after practice. I was pretty bummed but was determined to step it up for qualifying. I talked with some of the drivers and they were awesome giving me pointers and helping me out. In qualifying I knocked 13 seconds off my fast lap. I was only a few seconds back from the fastest lap, (which is an eternity in car racing) but in reality for having 1 hour of four wheel racing under my belt, I was pretty excited!

I went into the final thinking I was gonna make things happen. We take off and cars are flying off through the grass, spinning out and what not. I was functioning for about ¾ of race, then I started thinking I had something for the car ahead of me so I started pushing a little and thought I could out brake them. Yeah out brake them with all my car racing experience and talent. Well I ran out of talent and went blasting through the sand trap on my way to cranking the wall. Haha I almost made a whole weekend with out crashing.

My first road race didn’t go exactly to plan but in the end I had one of the best experiences ever and got to meet some top notch people. Thanks to everyone from Volkswagen and all the drivers for helping me out and making this possible.

Special Note: Thanks to Jeff Nemecek for providing the sick photos!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

X-Tremely RAD !

Mike Schultz is a ANIMAL! I had to get that out first. I had the pleasure of watching my fellow snocrosser win the Silver Medal in the Adaptive moto X race. His leg that he built, equipped with a Fox shox, worked amazing, as he was one of 2 riders to go for the huge finish line Jump. SO SICK! Congrats Mike.

Any way I went out to summer X again this year and had same result as every year- I was blown away by what the athletes were doing. Travis Pastrana trying the flip 360, Anthony Napolitan Stomping the double front flip on the bike, and the best trick riders going for tricks they had never landed before. I have so much respect for these guys after being in a similar situation last winter. As I stared at my double flip ramp, questioning whether I would be walking away or leaving in the Ambulance. The thought of landing the trick you have invested so much time, energy, and heart into, out weighs the uncertainty and leaves you fully committed in hopes of making history. It is a feeling that many X Games athletes feel at least once and in Travis’ case probably every couple weeks. Haha.

We had the opportunity to go to Oakley’s Head Quarters while on our trip and I’m pretty sure it is the craziest place I have ever seen! You drive up and all you can see is a tank, yes Military Tank on the top of this hill. You drive up the hill past the tank and you see the Building, which looks like some futuristic alien Spacecraft or something. Haha. Inside it gets even better. My boy Sheldon gave us the tour of the place and showed us where they test their eyewear. So crazy, they shoot over sized BB’s at the lens of the glasses, at over 400 mph and it doesn’t do anything to it! Then they drop a 5 lbs plum bob looking deal down this tube like 5 ft down to a pair of shades on a manikin head and it hammers the lens and doesn’t shatter. Pretty sure it blast right through your eye on its way to the back of your skull if it wasn’t for the lens. That says something about there products.

A couple other cool things that went down this year at X was I got to host a X Games party in Hollywood which was super fun. I also got to hand the Medals out for both the men’s and women’s supercross. Very cool opportunity for sure. And also got to see see the Premiere of The X Games Movie in 3D - check it out August 21st.

Another great X games, want to say congrats to all the medalists and a high five to all the athletes that were there pushing their sport. It’s amazing to watch!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Michael Phelps, Kobe Bryant, Shaun White & Levi LaVallee

The 2009 Espy Awards took place on Sunday, July 19th. Its a night where all athletes join to celebrate the triumphs & setbacks they have over come throughout the year. Its a time to reflect on the most memorable moments and a time to reflect on those athletes we have lost this past year.

Levi was honored and humbled when he watched the Espy's - because a rumor was passed his way that his Double Backflip was going to be shown at the awards. Little did Levi realize his trick made it into the 2009 Espy's Introduction/Highlight video. It is a surreal moment to see Levi, a small town kid, presented with great athletes like Michael Phelps, Kobe Bryant and Shaun White.

Check it out.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Off Season

A typical Off Season for Levi usually includes riding dirtbikes, mini bikes, and wakeboarding. And this summer Levi was really looking forward to creating new tricks in his foam pit. However, Levi's summer plans changed when he crashed riding moto at the Red Bull Compound in California in Mid-May. Levi ended up breaking his heal and is now on Doctor's orders of not having any pressure on his foot until August 15th.

Levi recently asked his Facebook Fan's what he should be doing in his off-season when he only has the ability to use one leg. With many great suggestions, Levi new one thing - his recent injury was not going to limit him from having fun.

With in a month after surgery, Levi researched online and found a contraption that would allow him to walk without the use of crutches, the device is conveniently called "iWalk-Free". With this, Levi doesn't put any pressure on his foot and it allowed him to be mobile and use his arms. With his new mobile device, Levi set his sights on becoming a better golfer. So, Levi purchased a new set of Taylor Made clubs and golfs almost every day.

Stay Tuned for more Levi Off Season Updates!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Upcoming Autograph Session

Levi will be signing autographs at the Delano Sports Center Open House in Delano, Minnesota on Saturday, May 16 from 12:00-2:00. Levi's Merchandise Line will also be available for Sale at this event.

Hope to see you there! Click here for more info.

Monday, May 11, 2009

KC Pro West Guest Apperance

A couple months ago, Levi was asked to make a guest appearance to a Local, Minnesota/North Dakota Race Circuit called KC Pro West in Casselton, ND. What is KC Pro West you ask? Well, its a great SnoCross racing circuit that is available for children of ages 4-13. Its an opportunity for young racers to start their dreams early. It was a fun opportunity for Levi to attend this event and seeing how many young riders that are out there was a pretty cool sight.

Levi showed a 5 minute video clip of this past 08-09 race season. The kids sat very attentively during the whole video and loved seeing Levi practice the double flip into his foam pit. Levi also shared a 10-15 minute speech on his Snocross Career and the steps he takes to make it in this industry.

By the end of the night, many photos where taken and Levi's hand was pretty sore from all the autographs he signed that night, but it was all worth it and can't wait to do it again. A very big thanks for KC Pro West to invite Levi, it was a great time - I think Levi's favorite memory was being able to Limbo with the kids during the dance!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ROCK101 Radio Interview

The Very Best Of the Adventure Lifestyle: The Adventure Show on ROCK 101
Click on the link below to listen to an interview on Levi's Double backflip at Winter X Games 2009 from Radio Host Mike Falcon.

Listen Now!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Year End Awards

Following the AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series Grand Finale in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin is the Year End Awards Banquet, held Sunday night immediately following the races. Its a great opportunity for the race circuit to come together as a family, look at the highlights of the 08-09 season and celebrate the accomplishments of fellow riders.

This year's awards banquet has been set in the history books for Levi, as one of the most memorable banquets of them all. With winning the Championship battle for the Stock Class on Saturday and having a great run in the Open on Sunday, Levi knew he would be coming home with a Championship Title and a 3rd place award . . . but little did know he would be also taking home 2 other incredible honors.

With the award ceremony on its way, more and more trophies were being handed out and photos where taken. When it came time to Announce the Wood's Rider of the Year Award; Levi had no idea what was coming. Rick Tiede of Woody's had the honor of passing out the award of Rider of the Year, he didn't say who won - just told everyone to watch the Video on the Big Screen. The first this that came across the screen was Levi's logo. Screams and a well-rounded applause erupted throughout the banquet room. Levi had been given the Honor of being chosen 2008-2009 Woody's Rider of the Year.

If that wasn't enough, one more award was to be given to Levi that night and this one was all up to the fans. ISOC had been running a poll on their website and having fans to come in and vote for their favorite rider. And Levi was the one who took that very honorable award home. "This award is awesome. I really can't believe it. I have the BEST fans around, Thank you guys for voting. This means a lot." Said Levi in his acceptance speech.

It was a wonderful way to end the Year. It was the best season Levi has ever had in his Professional career of a SnoCross racer and can't wait to see what next year brings!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Lake Geneva, Wisconsin - was the final stop for the AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series. Coming into the weekend, Levi was tied for First Place in the points race with Arctic Cat rider, Garth Kaufman. With that in mind, Levi knew coming into Saturday's events that he needed to ride his best and come out on top, and he did just that.

Saturday, Pro Super Stock Round One, Heat One, Levi came out of the gates sitting mid-pack and worked his way up the hill and came around the first corner in First place, he held of that position, taking a First in his qualifying heat. The second Heat, where both teammates TJ Gulla and Brett Bender where in the same heat as Kaufman, with high hopes of either teammate to take the top spot, Brett Bender the leader of the heat ended up crashing, allowing TJ to move into first and Kaufman ended up working his way past TJ, and finishing with a first place.
With Levi and Garth both qualifying first in their heats, the final is really what it all came down to, as they were still tied neck and neck for the points championship title. For the final, Levi ended up having a great holeshot and kept his first place spot throughout the entire 16 lap final. His teammate TJ Gulla was giving him a run for his money though, but Levi held him off for his first Win of the Season. On top of the Podium, Levi also got to claim the title of Pro Super Stock Points Champion. This is the first Championship Levi has ever won, and his hard work and determination throughout his career has certainly paid off.

Pro Open: Levi came into the last race sitting in 2nd place, just 13 points behind his teammate TJ Gulla. In his qualifying round, Levi placed 6th - which lead him to race in the LCQ to get into the final. Levi finished 1st in the LCQ, where he had to start from the back row of the Pro Open Final. Levi ended up with a 6th place finish and a 3rd place overall for the Pro Open Points Race. His Teammate TJ Gulla won the Championship in Pro Open, congrats to TJ!

Overall, has been an amazing year for Levi. He claimed the Points Championship Title, attempted the first ever double backflip and received a Silver Medal at Winter X 13. The season may be over, but Levi is already thinking of next season. We hope you are looking forward to it as well!

Pro Super Stock Results:
Round 1, Heat 1: First
Pro Super Stock Final: First
Pro Super Stock Year End Points: First (Champion)

Pro Open Results:
Round 1, Heat 1: 6th
Pro Open LCQ: First
Pro Open FInal: 6th
Pro Open Year End Points: 3rd

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One more to go.

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin - is the place to be this coming weekend. Grand Geneva Resort & Spa will be hosting the finale for the AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series this weekend, March 20-22nd. With the season coming to an end, the big question keeps floating around the circuit. Who will take home the Championship title.

Let's break it down into details.

Pro Super Stock. With a case of bad luck at the last National race held in Hayward, Wisconsin - Levi didn't have the weekend he was looking for. Although he felt great riding-wise, he ended up having some unfortunate mechanical problems that caused him not to finish the stock final. Now Levi is coming into this last and final race, tied for first place with Arctic Cat rider, Garth Kaufman.

Pro Open. In the pro open class, the points are not as tight, but it is still anyone's game. Currently, Levi's teammate, TJ Gulla holds the top spot, with Levi just 13 points behind - it will make for an exciting weekend. Each race; whether it is in the qualifying heats or the final, every last spot makes a difference in the points.

“It should be an exciting weekend,” said Bob Coffin, Race Director for the International Series of Champions (ISOC). “With our scoring system, a racer has the opportunity to capture as many as 37 points in a weekend, that’s if they win both their heat race and the final. With the points so tight, one bobble or mechanical issue can ruin their chances. It puts a lot of pressure on not just the racer, but the entire crew to perform.”

Levi's Goal?
With the superstitious guy he is, he is going to try his best to leave the points race in the back of his mind and just focus on having fun. He plans to take the weekend in steps, and take things as they come. But most importantly, Levi wants to show the crowd who is really is - and wants to put on a show that the people are coming to see. So you shouldn't be surprised if Levi starts throwing out his signature tricks, whether he is winning the race or not. His goal is to ride his best and have some fun.

If you can't make it to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin this weekend - you can now watch the races LIVE on the internet. For more information, click here.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

KSTP TV Interview

Levi was on a local channel for the Minneapolis news this past week. It was a interview that was conducted to show Minnesotan's that no matter what the odds are, if you put your heart and sole into it, you can achieve anything. Levi has been proving this statement since he turned Pro in Snocross in 2003. Click on the link below and view the footage from KSTP TV.

Video Footage: Click Here

Sunday, March 8, 2009

HACC Hayward 300

Hayward, Wisconsin was the 2nd to the last stop for the ISOC Racing Amsoil Championship SnoCross Series. Coming into the weekend, Levi was taking the top spot in the Pro Super Stock Points Standing, with a 10 point lead over Garth Kaufman, and running just 10 points behind the TJ Gulla in the Pro Open Class.

Levi's efforts in qualifying went well, allowing him to skip both LCQ's and go straight into the final for both classes. On Saturday night, the Pro Super Stock Final looked to be really promising for Levi, with only a couple of laps in, Levi's pace was slowing down and ultimately came to a complete stop and had to pull off of the track due to a blown shock. It was an unfortunate ending to that final, as Levi had to sit on the sidelines and watch all of the races pass him by and his points lead slip away.

Sunday for the Pro Open, Levi was riding strong and came into a corner too fast, causing him to over shoot a corner and come off the track. Levi really had his work cut out for him, but he was charging his way back up. With a few more laps down, Levi got taken out by another rider in the corner before the finish line allowing several rider to pass him and finishing with a upsetting 10th place.

HACC Hayward 300 Race Results:
Pro Super Stock Round One (Heat 2): 3rd
Pro Super Stock Final: 14th

Pro Open Round One (Heat 1): 3rd
Pro Open Finale: 10th

National Tour Point Standings
Pro Open: Second (185 points - 13 points behind the leader)
Pro Super Stock: (195 points - tied for 1st place)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Vote for your Favorite SnoX Racer

Cast your vote! Isoc Racing - Home of the AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series has a new ballot posted for everyone to come and vote for their Favorite 2008-2009 SnoCross Racer.

Click here to vote for Levi!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grand Prix Ski Doo National, Valcourt, Quebec

Race Results

Pro Stock Round One (Heat 3): 2nd
Pro Stock Final: 3rd

Pro Open Round One (Heat 2): 5th
Pro Open LCQ (Heat 2): 2nd
Pro Open Final: 7th

Monday, February 16, 2009

Finger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack, Farmington, NY National

Farmington, NY Race Results:

Pro Stock Round One (Heat 2): 2nd
Pro Stock Final: 3rd

Pro Open Round One (Heat 2): 1st
Pro Stock Final: 3rd

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wild Game

Levi's First NHL Hockey Game was last night, February 11th - Levi got to attend the Wild vs. Avalanche game as a guest of Polaris. The only other hockey game that Levi has ever been to, was a Bantom hockey game in Grand Rapids, MN where he watched his cousin Mike play and that was years ago. So when Polaris gave Levi the opportunity to come to the next Wild game, needless to say - Levi definitely didn't want to turn that offer down.

Polaris is one of the sponsors for the Wild, so it was a pretty big night for them, as well as a big night for Levi. Levi got the honor of being the announcer to say those 3 little words before the puck drops "Let's Play Hockey." He also got to be apart of the the Polaris Rush Challenge which was held on the ice after the 1st period. And immediately after the 2nd period, Levi had an autograph session. It was a fun-packed game, now only if he actually got to watch the Wild play! Levi hopes to attend another game soon and just be a fan in the stands!

Levi and Kristen would like to give a special thanks to Polaris for making it all happen. It was a very memorable and honorable night for Levi.

Check out the new Polaris Rush.

Brainerd National

The BIR National SnoCross Race Results.

Pro Stock Round 1 (Heat 1): 2nd
Pro Stock Final: 14th (Levi crashed when he was making his way up into 5th place, from that crash he broke the ski on his sled, causing him to sit out the rest of the race.)

Pro Open Round 1 (Heat 1): 3rd
Pro Open Final: 3rd

Friday, February 6, 2009

Levi's Inspiration 7c Helmet on eBay Auction

Many of you have heard the accident that happened to Pro Snocross Legend, Blair "Superman" Morgan. In honor of Blair, some of the Pro Snocross Racers, including Levi had their helmets customized for the first race of the season in Duluth, MN.

The helmet shown was worn by Levi at the Duluth SnoCross Race in November and will be auctioned off and given to the highest bidder after the Brainerd National in February. All proceeds from the auction will go towards Blair and his family. The bidding starts today and will end on Tuesday, February 10th.

Fore more information on Operation Inspiration, visit

To Bid On Levi's Helmet: Click Here.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mike Schultz Benefit

A Silent Benefit Auction for Mike Schultz will be held Thursday, February 5th, with 100% of all proceeds going to Mike. The Auction will be the night before the National ISOC Race in Brainerd from 5:30-7:30 at Dondelinger in Brainerd/Baxter. Mike will be signing autographs along with many of his Pro & Semi Pro fellow racers. Race Trailers will be displayed on the service drive, at Dondelinger, paralleling Hwy 371. We would like to invite you to bring your rigs and race sleds to Dondelinger on Feb 5th and get them set up for this special evening, Honoring Mike & Sara.

Levi donated the gear he wore during this year's Winter X Games "Next Trick" event where Levi attempted the first ever Double Back-Flip on a snowmobile. Click on the link below and bid on Levi's item or any other item you wish.

Mike Schultz Benefit Site
Levi's Double Back-Flip Race Gear

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sports Illustrated

Check out this week's Sports Illustrated. The issue is hot off the press and came out today, February 2nd, 2009. Flip a few pages in from the front and you will see Levi's Double Back-Flip on a two page spread.

He didn't get the gold. But he made history and continues to make his mark in Newspapers and Magazines around the country, but having him be in Sports Illustrated is really unbelievable.
Pick up your copy today!

K-Rob Rocks X-Games
by Kevin Robinson

One of Levi's top favorite Bands, Pennywise, rocked the town of Aspen, CO on Friday Night of the Winter X Games. Levi unfortunately had to miss seeing his buddy Byron McMackin (Drummer of PW) rock it out, due to his competition schedule. Check out the blog and photos posted by a fellow Red Bull athlete, BMX phenomenon, Kevin Robinson.

Check Out Blog & Photos.
Pennywise Office Site

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter X 13 - Results

Levi made his Winter X Games debut . . . He was the only snowmobile athlete to compete in all 4 snowmobile disciplines (Speed and Style, Next Trick, Snocross, and Freestyle).

Here are the results from WX 13.

Speed & Style: Silver
Next Trick: History Made.
1st ever Double Back-Flip on a Snowmobile
SnoCross Final: 4th
Freestyle: 4th

This was by far the busiest and most stressful WX Games Levi has participated in. His days where filled with Back-to-Back practice, qualifying and finals. And when he had a moment free, it was filled up with interviews. The most challenging and stressful event for Levi was Next Trick, where he attempted the very first Double Back-Flip on a snowmobile. He successfully completed both flips, but was unable to ride away from the trick, causing him to not qualify for the Gold for that event. But trust me, Levi is not about to hang it up yet, he is determined to pick up where he left off and get that thing dialed. When? That is still up in the air, as Levi is now turning his attention back towards SnoCross and hopes to continue doing well in the National Circuit.

Winter X Games Appears on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

On Tuesday, January 27th, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno did a Winter X Games Recap. Levi made his appearance on the clip. Check it out!

Click to View Episode

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Air Force National (Presented by Polaris) Race Results

Levi's Race Results for the Canterbury National in Shakopee, MN

Pro Open - Round 1, Heat #2: 3rd place (automatically in the final)
Pro Open Final: 4th

Pro Stock - Round 1, Heat #1: 3rd place (automatically in the final)
Pro Stock Final: 3rd

Full story and photos coming soon.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Winter X Games 13 - Invited Riders

With Winter X Games coming up in 2 weeks (January 22-25) the list of invited athletes is finally on the verge of complete. With receiving 2 Gold Medals last year at Winter X Games Twelve, in Freestyle and Speed & Style, Levi was automatically invited for those 2 events and he was chosen 3rd for SnoCross. This years X Games will be bigger than ever, wtith the bar raised from last years tricks, a new Snowmobile event called "Next Trick", and everyone wanting to get that top spot in Snocross - it should lead for an exciting X Games. Many more updates will be posted for Winter X Games - so stay tuned. In the mean-while, here is the list of invited Athletes for Winter X 13.

• Freestyle: Levi LaVallee, Joe Parsons, Heath Frisby, Daniel Bodin, Chris Burandt, Sam Rogers, Aleksander Nordgaard, Justin Hoyer, Paul Thacker and Jeff Mullin. Alternates: Dane Ferguson and one more TBA.

• Speed & Style: Levi LaVallee, Joe Parsons, Chris Burandt, Heath Frisby, Steve Martin, Paul Thacker, Cory Davis and Sam Rogers. Alternates: Willie Elam, Brett Turcotte.

• Next Trick: Dane Ferguson, Joe Parsons and Jimmy "Blaze" Fejes. Alternate: Heath Frisby.

• SnoCross: Tucker Hibbert, Robbie Malinowski, Levi LaVallee, Steve Taylor, TJ Gulla, Ross Martin, Ryan Simons, DJ Eckstrom, Shawn Crapo, Matt Morin, Brett Turcotte, Dave Allard, Carl Schubitzke, Zach Pattyn, Matt Piche, Matt Judnick, Ian Hayden, Garth Kaufman, Dan Ebert, Brett Bender, Andrew Johnstad, Willie Elam, Katejun Coonishish and Bobby Lepage. Alternates: Cory Davis, Chris Kafka and two more TBA.