Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Winter X Games 13 - Invited Riders

With Winter X Games coming up in 2 weeks (January 22-25) the list of invited athletes is finally on the verge of complete. With receiving 2 Gold Medals last year at Winter X Games Twelve, in Freestyle and Speed & Style, Levi was automatically invited for those 2 events and he was chosen 3rd for SnoCross. This years X Games will be bigger than ever, wtith the bar raised from last years tricks, a new Snowmobile event called "Next Trick", and everyone wanting to get that top spot in Snocross - it should lead for an exciting X Games. Many more updates will be posted for Winter X Games - so stay tuned. In the mean-while, here is the list of invited Athletes for Winter X 13.

• Freestyle: Levi LaVallee, Joe Parsons, Heath Frisby, Daniel Bodin, Chris Burandt, Sam Rogers, Aleksander Nordgaard, Justin Hoyer, Paul Thacker and Jeff Mullin. Alternates: Dane Ferguson and one more TBA.

• Speed & Style: Levi LaVallee, Joe Parsons, Chris Burandt, Heath Frisby, Steve Martin, Paul Thacker, Cory Davis and Sam Rogers. Alternates: Willie Elam, Brett Turcotte.

• Next Trick: Dane Ferguson, Joe Parsons and Jimmy "Blaze" Fejes. Alternate: Heath Frisby.

• SnoCross: Tucker Hibbert, Robbie Malinowski, Levi LaVallee, Steve Taylor, TJ Gulla, Ross Martin, Ryan Simons, DJ Eckstrom, Shawn Crapo, Matt Morin, Brett Turcotte, Dave Allard, Carl Schubitzke, Zach Pattyn, Matt Piche, Matt Judnick, Ian Hayden, Garth Kaufman, Dan Ebert, Brett Bender, Andrew Johnstad, Willie Elam, Katejun Coonishish and Bobby Lepage. Alternates: Cory Davis, Chris Kafka and two more TBA.

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Anonymous said...

my only message is that levi is a sad sorry sport my three children, dad, and i are (were) some of his biggest fans up untill X-Games when he didnt allow Dane Ferguson to use his ramp. i think it was one of the cheapest shots ever. i personally own 13 polaris machines that now are all for sale because lamelevi didnt want to be out done by a non-sponsered nobody from Alaska. I believe that people or persons that cant swallow your pride and let the better man do the job. Levi does not deserve to be looked at in a lime-light or a position of influence especially for small childern trying to learn how to share. Half the children in Alaska were tuned in watching for Danes dbl back that we have discussed for six months. Basically WHO THE F--K IS LEVI to not allow the sport of freestyle to advance with out the lamelevi. We as Alaskans can not let our children follow in the foot steps of someone with no respect for any thing other than bettering himself. NO MORE GEORGE BUSH ATTITUDE. LEVI U ARE NO BETTER THAN ANYBODY. WE ARE ALL BORN HUMAN. give the next guy a chance unless you are too scared. How do i explain to my children Dane cant do his double because Levi wouldnt share. That is what seperates the men from the boys and Levi that is the only way to explain this to my children. you're nothing but a little boy that dont know how to share that is why you can no longer influence any children with that George Bush additude