Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter X 13 - Results

Levi made his Winter X Games debut . . . He was the only snowmobile athlete to compete in all 4 snowmobile disciplines (Speed and Style, Next Trick, Snocross, and Freestyle).

Here are the results from WX 13.

Speed & Style: Silver
Next Trick: History Made.
1st ever Double Back-Flip on a Snowmobile
SnoCross Final: 4th
Freestyle: 4th

This was by far the busiest and most stressful WX Games Levi has participated in. His days where filled with Back-to-Back practice, qualifying and finals. And when he had a moment free, it was filled up with interviews. The most challenging and stressful event for Levi was Next Trick, where he attempted the very first Double Back-Flip on a snowmobile. He successfully completed both flips, but was unable to ride away from the trick, causing him to not qualify for the Gold for that event. But trust me, Levi is not about to hang it up yet, he is determined to pick up where he left off and get that thing dialed. When? That is still up in the air, as Levi is now turning his attention back towards SnoCross and hopes to continue doing well in the National Circuit.

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