Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Levi Loves his Fans!

Lately Levi has been getting more and more fan mail, whether its an email, facebook message, tweet, or even a good-old-fashion hand written note - it doesn't matter how the message is sent, Levi still can't believe how cool is fans are.

Late this fall, Levi had gotten an email from a lady named Trinity, who's son (Briggs)is a hard-core Levi Fan. "Here is a picture of my son Briggs, age 6 and Levi at the 2009 Lake Geneva race. He used this picture for his birthday party invitations, and on his cake. He LOVES Levi and he is his favorite racer. Levi is so nice to the fans-great to have him as my sons role model! Good luck in the 2010 season! Thanks, Trinity" -Rushsylvania, Ohio.

Levi was pumped to hear that he made it onto a Birthday Cake - Who would have guessed that would ever happen? LOL But truthfully, this fan email confirmed why Levi pushes the limits in his sport, and its because of his fans who continue to support him and follow him along the way.

Duluth is right around the corner! Levi and his new Team "Team LaVallee" cannot wait to come out and put on a great show for his fans. See you all in Duluth!


xPatricklee said...

Kick some but Levi!

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