Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wild Game

Levi's First NHL Hockey Game was last night, February 11th - Levi got to attend the Wild vs. Avalanche game as a guest of Polaris. The only other hockey game that Levi has ever been to, was a Bantom hockey game in Grand Rapids, MN where he watched his cousin Mike play and that was years ago. So when Polaris gave Levi the opportunity to come to the next Wild game, needless to say - Levi definitely didn't want to turn that offer down.

Polaris is one of the sponsors for the Wild, so it was a pretty big night for them, as well as a big night for Levi. Levi got the honor of being the announcer to say those 3 little words before the puck drops "Let's Play Hockey." He also got to be apart of the the Polaris Rush Challenge which was held on the ice after the 1st period. And immediately after the 2nd period, Levi had an autograph session. It was a fun-packed game, now only if he actually got to watch the Wild play! Levi hopes to attend another game soon and just be a fan in the stands!

Levi and Kristen would like to give a special thanks to Polaris for making it all happen. It was a very memorable and honorable night for Levi.

Check out the new Polaris Rush.

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