Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mike Schultz Benefit

A Silent Benefit Auction for Mike Schultz will be held Thursday, February 5th, with 100% of all proceeds going to Mike. The Auction will be the night before the National ISOC Race in Brainerd from 5:30-7:30 at Dondelinger in Brainerd/Baxter. Mike will be signing autographs along with many of his Pro & Semi Pro fellow racers. Race Trailers will be displayed on the service drive, at Dondelinger, paralleling Hwy 371. We would like to invite you to bring your rigs and race sleds to Dondelinger on Feb 5th and get them set up for this special evening, Honoring Mike & Sara.

Levi donated the gear he wore during this year's Winter X Games "Next Trick" event where Levi attempted the first ever Double Back-Flip on a snowmobile. Click on the link below and bid on Levi's item or any other item you wish.

Mike Schultz Benefit Site
Levi's Double Back-Flip Race Gear

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