Sunday, January 27, 2008

Winter X Games Twelve: Aspen, CO

Levi came into this years Winter X Games knowing he had a lot on his plate. Not only was he coming back for Snocross, but he also had two other disciplines to worry about; Speed and Style and Freestyle. Thursday night was the opening night for Winter X Games 12, where Speed and Style was making its first debut. Levi had the skill and speed for the freestyle course and was confident enough in his freestyle tricks to land himself a GOLD medal. Friday and Saturday were consumed by Snocross. 32 athletes, all competing to make it into a 12 guy final. Qualifying for Levi was Friday night where he fought his way to the top and ended up winning his heat round and securing a spot for the final. Saturday’s final was here, Levi started out mid-pack having a rough start and getting tossed off his sled by another rider. He stayed tough through all 25 laps and ended up in a notable 6th place. Sunday was Freestyle day. Levi was going up against the best of the best in the Freestyle world and new he had his work cut out for him. Levi ended up making the top 4 out of 10 guys and went on to the Finals. He was blown away that he even made it into the finals and what’s crazier is that Levi took home another Gold in the Freestyle event. His run was clean and because of his snocross background he was able to squeeze out another trick or two more than any other freestyle athlete. It was an unbelievable X Games – where Levi was able to show off his many talents in all three snowmobile events. Congratulations Levi on TWO Winter X Games Gold Medals and being named Winter X Games Jeep Athlete 2008, where he got to take home a brand new Jeep Liberty.

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