Saturday, March 29, 2008

Levi takes on Jackson Hole's Snowmobile Hill Climb: Jackson, WY

Just because the 2007/2008 SnoCross season is over with, doesn't mean Levi is done riding a snowmobile. This coming weekend, in Jackson, WY, Levi is going to be competing in the annual World Championship Snowmobile Hill Climb at Snow King Mountain. It was an opportunity Levi couldn't pass up. He is joining up with Polaris Hill Climb legend Rick Ward, where Levi is using two of his sleds, and hoping to get a few tips along the way. The goal for this coming weekend? Levi says; "The altimate goal is to make it to the top, but my main goal is to keep Rick's sled from cart-wheeling down the hill." It is noted that, (*Snow King rises 1,500 vertical feet above the town of Jackson. The hill climb course follows a route that, near the summit, steepens to nearly a 45-degree angle. Hill climbers who lose it on the upper reaches of the course often tumble hundreds of feet back downhill.) Keep checking out back for more updates on Jackson Hole, and what Levi has next on his schedule. *

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