Thursday, December 4, 2008


Hey Everyone!! It’s been a while since I last wrote but let me assure you that not much has changed- I’m still popping wheelies and jumping everything in sight on my sled and loving every second of it!

This years ISOC Duluth National was my 13th year racing snocross there! The thing that is crazy is I have the same nervous, excited, and curious feelings now just like I did the first time there. You spend so much time training and preparing to be competitive then you go to Duluth and see where you stand. This year the team and I came in well prepared and things went awesome! I won both of my heat races and finished second in the Pro Stock Final. I was top qualifier for the Stock Final and I came around the first lap in 4th place and worked my way up to second behind Tucker. Tucker was hauling the mail out there but I was able to keep him in sight the whole race finishing 5 seconds behind him with 3rd coming in 25 seconds behind me in the 30 laps final. I was pumped about the way I rode in the long final, I felt strong at the end of the race. After the stock final I was all revved up for the open final but unfortunately it didn’t go to plan as I was used as a berm on the first lap by another rider while in top 5 putting me in last. After that I couldn’t see at all so I started riding really hesitant and I started dragging my brakes eventually welding the brake pads to the rotor stopping me dead in a corner. Not exactly what I was shooting for but hopefully that will be the only bad race this season.

Overall the weekend went great, won my heat races, got second in the stock, and my new LaVallee Booth with my new clothes went over really well. Seeing people with my clothes on at the races and seeing the different banners people make to show their support for me is so awesome. Thank you! Next up for me is the ISOC Iron Wood Michigan Race and I can’t wait to get out there and have some fun. Hope to see ya there.

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