Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hay Days 2007: Forest Lake, MN

Snowmobiles racing on dirt and grass, crazy freestyle riders doing sick tricks on sleds, bikes, and four-wheelers, every snowmobile part and sled you could ever imagine, along with tons of people having the same thought running threw their heads, "I can't wait for it to snow!!" Hay days does the same thing to me every year, makes me wish I was riding my sled some where. Every year, Polaris has most of their riders come out and sign autographs at their booth so I was invited to come and do that again this year. I enjoy doing the autograph sessions just to talk with all the people about racing, sleds, etc. Also at Hay Days, Fox Shox had their annual gathering of all their sponsored teams and friends at their booth, where I talked to them and ate great food. They are a great bunch of people, super chill and just like having fun. Jeff from Fox Shox set me up with a Float shock for my 110 mini bike towards the beginning of the summer and it works so good. You can flat land the crap out of it and it is as smooth as butter, so I was telling him how nice it works for riding and flipping. Other then that, I went around and talked with some of my sponsors and friends who are involved within the sport and checked out all the new stuff coming out for this winter. From the looks of things, it should be a good one. LEvi

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