Sunday, September 2, 2007

Camino . . . El Camino: Longville, MN

Like most Snocross racers, I am aware I won't be able to do it for ever. As of lately, it seems like the thing to do is to switch over to car racing- Carmichael, McGrath, and I just read that Windham is looking to do the same when he is done with motocross. So, I figured I would follow in their foot steps and try a little car racing. My good friend Muttin, my teammate Chris, and myself went in on 4 El Caminos to start practicing for our car racing careers. Our first time out didn't go as planned when my car caught on fire and started a grass fire (fortunately Fire Fighter Chris has fast feet and was able to stomp the 5ft by 5 ft fire out). While Chris was extinguishing the field fire my Dad and I were trying to put the car fire out. Using the Bobcat I ripped the hood up so Dad could hit the flames with the fire extinguisher. It looked like he almost had it when the fire extinguisher ran out. Being the knowledgeable fire fighter that I am, I knew it was time to take action so I decided to use the smother technique, burying the whole thing with dirt. It's too bad, it was the fastest car of the group. Lol. Before our next race I pushed all the sod up so we were running on dirt so we didn't lose any more cars to fire. The first race was a tight one with Muttin taking third in White Lightning, Chris Taking the Silver despite the hood popping up in the first turn and getting a flat during the race. I stepped up and started my car racing career off with a bang winning my first big race. Next time you see me I'll be passing Dale Jr. in my El camino at Daytona. Lol. Yeah sure.

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