Sunday, August 26, 2007

Parts Unlimited 2007 Showcase: Janesville, WI

Every Year Parts Unlimited has all there dealers and Athletes out to their Head quarters in Janesville, Wisconsin for a fun weekend to show what they are all about. My teammate TJ and I were invited out this year to check things out and sign some autographs. It was amazing seeing the Factory with all the Conveyer belts and rollers winding through all of the inventory. Every sled, dirt bike, atv, and motorcycle part you could imagine. As I looked at all the parts and clothes I just kept thinking how rad it would be to play supermarket sweep in this place- not just to get all the stuff but its three levels high so you could be climbing up and down all conveyers while scoring all the stuff. Lol I was able to meet and hang out with quite a few of the other Parts Unlimited athletes which was great. I want to say thanks to Bruce Schumacher and the rest of the Parts Unlimited crew who took such good care of us while we were out there. Thanks

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