Monday, August 6, 2007

Mexico: Travis Pastrana & Nitro Circus: Rosarito, Mexico

After X games, I went down to Mexico jet skiing with Travis for a Nitro Circus shoot. The plan was for Travis and me to try backflipping a jet ski off the ocean waves. I actually felt alright about this when asked to go down there cause I figured you were landing in water so how bad could it be. We met a bunch of crazy Freestyle Jet Ski guys that were flipping, barrel rolling, and do al kinds of gnarly stuff off the waves, so I figured we could get some tips for our flip attempts. I go out and try riding around on one and wow, stand-up jet skis are way harder then they look. I could barely keep the thing moving with out tipping over and being ripped off it. I realized that we were in like 5 feet of water and I figured between the fact that I couldn't go with out crashing for more then 100 ft and being in that shallow of water had me thinking about lawn darting in to the ocean bottom. TP said screw it and went for it. He landed underneath the Jet Ski and didn't even come close. At that point, I said no way. If TP failed that bad, I didn't have a prayer. So, I ended up dong some tubing behind a 3 seater water craft in the waves, which was pretty sick. Later, I found a surfboard some one had brought with and I was bound and determined to learn how to surf. I caught a couple waves and went for a little bit but surfing wears you out cause you are constantly paddling, but it was a fun time trying to learn. Overall, the whole trip was good time. It's always a blast going out with TP and the Nitro Circus because you never know what you are getting yourself into. Later

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