Sunday, August 5, 2007

Summer X Games Thirteen 2007: Los Angeles, CA

Going out to LA for Summer X is something I really look forward to each year. The Red Bull crew takes care of their athletes like no other at big events and X games was no exception. It all started out with a Red Bull party on Tuesday which was awesome cause a bunch of athletes were there- Shaun White , Ryan Sheckler, Tanner Hall, Travis Pastrana, and Robbie Maddison to name a few. Then for all the X games events, Red Bull had a suite for us to hang out in, get some food, and watch the action. On top of that, there are always different people swinging in. I had a really good time with my friend Byron (the Drummer from Pennywise) in the Suite as well as Robbie Maddison (free style rider) who was suppose to be in the action at X but was injured shortly before so he was a spectator with the rest of us. I get so jacked up watching all the different events cause I have tried most of them (and failed miserably) lol and to see the different athletes do the craziest of things with such ease just floors me. On the last day of Summer X, I got invited to go down to Mexico with the Nitro Circus to ride jet skis in the ocean, so be sure to check the story from there. Later

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